[CLOSED] Anyone wanting to split a room?

I’m very inclined on going to RDC this year, however, I like to save much money as possible for the base of the trip. I was wondering if anyone wants to split a room or anything? If not - no problem since I can still afford a single hotel room.


Yoooo I would have loved to take you up on this offer if only I would’ve gotten an invite this year.

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Did you apply for wave 4, they announced it yesterday.

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Awwww heck, I didn’t hear about it. Can you send me the application link pretty please?

Here it is right here if your interested in attending apply.

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If I go we can split a room. We have camping air mattresses if there are lack of beds.


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Yo, lets chat! Ben_Est#8091

I have to hit a 30 character minimum. Done.

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Copy that! I’ll chat over to ya now!