[CLOSED] [APOLOGIES] Looking for a scripter/programmer

Greetings, developers on this forum. I am synfonts and I am the executive president and creative designer for Coffee Express’ and we are currently looking for a scripter/programmer that could do a simple thing for a relatively good price.

The Team
@synfonts - Game Designer, Program Editor
@willowyfox - Asset Modeler, Creative Designer
@ComingSoon - Game Programmer, Machine Scripter

About this job
We are looking for a programmer that is quite good in creating scripts that function smoothly and are moving, they should also know the basics of effects for surface GUIs. They will create a projector screen that goes down by itself when a player says a certain command in the chat box, uses the bounce effect to have a welcome, has a couple of more slides with a time for players to read what is written, and then automatically scrolls back up.

Let me make this clear
You should add more than the GIF below, add what is listed above not what is just on the GIF.

We are looking to pay a maximum of 200 robux for this project and must be smooth and working properly, should be able to complete it fast and showcase it before payment.

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at synfonts#2168, would be preferred if you replied with your username so I know who you are.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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If you believe the price is unreasonable or awfully presented, please give me criticism by replying with a suggestion to this.

Helo, I’m interesed, I will contact you!

That was the quickest response, this is now closed.

Previous programmer quit whilst doing this job as they did not read it properly. Still open.

I believe this should be 400 robux… this is a fairly simple job however it’s not as if a scripter would be making a “click to buy” system… it’s more complicated.

:eyes: I purchased an even more advanced system for 200.

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