[CLOSED] avxocado || 2D graphics artist

Hi! My name is Scarlett, I’m a 15 year old who likes to draw.
I’ve been drawing traditionally since I can remember and recently started drawing digitally. I’m most comfortable drawing bust/waist-up images but I am happy to try anything at all (except furry art). I draw using Krita on my laptop with my graphics tablet.

When commissioning I will try to be as professional and efficient as possible, but I’m still kinda new to this so please bear with me. :upside_down_face:

These are a few of my recent works

Please do not try to steal or claim any of these as your own. If you do I will cry :persevere:

At the moment I am only accepting payment via Robux, sorry for any inconvenience.

:robux: 700 - Price for drawing
:robux: 450 - Detailed background (scene or setting instead of a basic colour/pattern)
:robux: 550 - Extra character (plus 550 for every new avatar in the drawing)

Please note prices may be changed, I’m still new to commissions and I am still trying to figure out what prices suit my work best. These are merely based on what I have been told and what I have sold my artwork for previously.

Please read BEFORE contacting me (sorry it’s kinda long)

Important to note

  • You can use the drawing for any purpose, but do not claim it as your own

  • I am allowed to deny anyone a commission if I choose, but I will never cancel on someone once I have started working on their drawing

  • I’m British, so my timezone is BST (GMT +1). Please consider I may be sleeping when you are awake, so my replies may take longer than expected.

  • I am currently only able to work for a couple hours each day due to school, but on the 18th my hours will be longer

Process related

  • Please be detailed when requesting a commission, it will ensure you get what you want as the final product

  • I will draw an initial sketch which you are free to request as many changes from as you want until it is perfect, but do not request any changes in the pose after we have both agreed on the sketch (other changes are fine to request)

  • If you have to meet a deadline, please tell me beforehand so I can tell you whether it is doable or not

  • I can provide updates as much or as little as you want, just ask (I will always give an update on the initial sketch, colouring, shading and final watermarked image

Payment related

  • You do not have to pay everything upfront, only after I have given the final watermarked version of your image, I will then provide the unwatermarked version

  • Group funds are the best way to pay, if you are unable to do this you can buy a gamepass (I can’t create Tshirts since I do not have premium), but you will have to account for the tax and pay extra

Contact me on:

Discord - scarlett#7834
Dev Forum - @avxocado
Twitter - @scarlettavocado

Please try to contact me by Discord/Dev Forum since I will receive your message quicker this way. :+1:

Thanks for considering me x