[CLOSED] Battle Maze is hiring a low-poly modeler! (50k)

:crossed_swords: Hello developer forum member! Yes, that means you :crossed_swords:

We are Battle Maze Studios, a new development team that is aiming to bring the best possible roblox experiences to players. We are currently working on a game called “Battle Maze”, which is a fun, cartoony FPS game, with some special twists :wink: .

The current team:
@PolyMahma - Game owner, funding
@iamtryingtofindname - Project manager, scripter
@you - Modeler

About the job:
We are currently in need of a low-poly modeler, that is able to build well in a cartoony style to build some maps and possibly some guns. We are looking for experienced developers, and if you want to get hired, make sure you have a good portfolio that proves that you fit the requirements.

If all goes well, we are looking for you to build 10 small low-poly maps and an arsenal of ~20 guns.

Some examples of the type of building style we are looking for can be seen in Big Paintball.

We have a high budget, and are willing to pay an experienced modeler good pay for great results. Of course, I will not list exact numbers here because the pay depends on your skill, although I can say the maximum amount we will probably pay overall will be 50k robux, although we will pay per-asset.

Do keep in mind this is a self-funded game, and the entire budget started from real life money, and was then converted to Robux. Also, @PolyMahma just provides the budget for the game, and is not as familiar with Roblox development. The reason for this is irrelevant. Therefore, I will be handling the project.

You can contact me on discord (iamtryingtofindname#9879) or here on the developer forum.

Looking forward to working with you!

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