[CLOSED] Bear Studios is recruiting a builder!


Bear Studios is recruiting a builder

The Dark is owned and being lead by Bear Studios. By applying and being accepted into the development team, you will be registered as an independent contractor.

Job Description

We are looking for a builder to build a lobby and a map for our current project, The Dark.
More details about the task will be provided after contact.

By applying to be a builder for our development team, you are meeting these expectations:

  • 1+ Years of experience in Roblox Studio
  • 1+ Years of building experience
  • Experience creating 3d models or working with 3d modelers.
  • A portfolio
  • A Discord account
  • A professional business email.
  • The ability to create assets at a efficient rate and a timely manner.

You are also recommended, but not required, to have:

  • Skilled in communicating with teammates
  • Experience with Trello or Clickup.


We are offering a starting payment of 6k Robux. The payment is negotiable after notifying me, outside of the forums.

Contact Us

Anyone who wishes to apply please contact through the forum first. Then you will be guided to my discord where we will discuss payment and setting you up with Clickup and the rest of the team.

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