[CLOSED] BloxHouse

Lol I’ve had the name and game for over 3 years I just never launched no need for drama but this genre isnt the best to make a game in it’s very tedious to make a large scale open world game like this. You would be better suited to make a story game or simulator to generate funds for an larger game in the future.

and i pay 10 percent to the other peopke

Sorry About That Guys, It Was A Mis - Understanding, My Brother Did It To Get Me Banned.

This entire post was fake?



I can’t you my discord id since it has stranger formatting in some characters, so can you send me yours

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So it will be

40% Your
35% Scripter
10% Car modeler
10% Others
5% Artist


Ummmm I can’t channel does not exist, Did he get banned? Make his channel private?

I think he reset his channel, here’s a new video he posted, https://youtu.be/PRcd4y4lTTc

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Ok, Thanks for letting me know.

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