[CLOSED] Blue Prism is looking for UI Designers!

Hello Developers! I am DoveTheEpic, the Lead Manager in Blue Prism. We are an upcoming game developer group. We’re looking for an UI Designers who are willing to contribute to our work and help us develop on our future game!

Founder - @Eeveonic
Lead Manager - @DoveTheEpic
Manager - Closed
Lead Scripter - Open
Scripter - Open
Builder - Open
UI Designer - Open
Sound Designer - Open
Modeler - Open
Composer - Open
Graphic Designer - Open

We are looking for only one UI Designer that is capable of creating professional UI Designs for our current game we are working on. We are looking for people that are kind and have good communications skills. What is nice to have (This is not an requirement) is an understanding of discord, as we will be using discord for most of our communication between the team of developers. An alternative is Twitter.

Some UI designs we are looking for


Basically, we are looking for a style that is simple/cartoony but it should be appealing to look at.

We are planning to have this game released on October/November of 2020. We will be needing UI Designs early on, so it would be greatly appreciated if someone can get to contact from us between June-August of 2020.

We will be paying 15% percent of our funds if you agree to work for a long-term job and will hand out 10K robux once you are finished. If you would only like to work for a part-time job, we will hand out 10K robux for the UI you create for us.

You can contact us here on Discord or Twitter (More preferably Discord)
Discord - DoveTheEpic#0108, Eeveonic#3536
Twitter - @DoveTheEpic

You must be 13 or older in order to apply. Please have a portfolio ready.

Thank you for reading!
-DoveTheEpic and Eeveonic


Hello, I am interested in your UI Position.
My discord is 123goodman12#4509

Forgot to mention that we will be looking for designers for only 1 week. If we don’t find a person, we will extend our search time.

Hello, I am very interested Dm me at Lyte#0001

Hello! I am interested. I’ve added you on discord Tooti#1612

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