[CLOSED] BodyGyro/ WeldConstraint Issues

I have a turret that works when it is unanchored and all of the parts are welded to the base (the BodyGyro is inside of the base). However, when I weld the base of the turret to a vehicle it does not move due to being welded. How can I attach the turret to the vehicle while still allowing the turret to move?

Code for moving the turret:

Beam.MoveBase = function(Start,End)
	local Base = Start.Parent.Base
	local Position = Base.CFrame.p + Vector3.new(0,0,0)
	local Direction = Position + ((End - Position) * Vector3.new(1,0,1))
	Base.BodyGyro.CFrame = CFrame.new(Position, Direction)

Instead of using a WeldConstraint, use something like a HingeConstraint to attach the turret. That will allow it to rotate on a single axis.

Thanks, I am getting somewhere. It moves now, however it is very elastic. Other DevForum articles say that this is due to the mass, but after messing with the mass for around 30 minutes I have not had any luck. Is there something different I should be trying?

Update: I changed the ActuatorType to Servo and it solves the problem.

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