[CLOSED] Builder and Modeler

CityLife Roleplay

About Me

Hi there! I am @Daw588 and I am scripter for over 3 years, I am planning to make amazing games that community would enjoy for hours! Today I wanted to create a game similar to Emergency Response: Liberty County, however it will be more realistic and alive, as well it be more fun!

The Team
@Daw588 - Scripter
@username - Builder
@username - Modeler

About The Job

  • Doesn’t include details because I am the scripter :slight_smile:
  • Must be capable of making realistic city (medium sized city), this includes (houses, apartments, roads, buildings (including interiors), bridges and many more!
  • Must be capable of making textures, and decals for the build’s
  • Must be capable of making realistic city assets such as (cars, guns, tools, equipment and etc…)
Building Style

Modeling Style


We will be using Trello Board to make to do list for each developer, from time to time we will be making chat type meetings on Discord group to make sure that everyone knows what to do and they are busy.

About The Game

Game will be available for everyone for FREE, later on I may put paid-access on the game for like R$25-R$250. There will be game-passes such as SWAT. I expect at least 100K visits. Game will also be advertised for around R$1,000 every week (depending on player count and visits). Game will be about being Police, Firefighter, Doctors, Military, Swat and more in the future. In-game you will able to role-play and as well do some tasks for in-game currency. Something similar to Emergency Response: Liberty County.


I am paying R$250 per week (rightnow), depending on quality of the work, and the amount work you have done. Today I can’t really pay you, until game will start earning money. If the game fails I have backup pay of R$2,500 for each person. I will be paying through shirts and gamepasses. The payment is negotiable. I am also low on budget so please respect that.


  • You must be 13 years or older to apply.
  • You must be doing some progress everyday. If you won’t be on certain days, please inform me.
  • You must be respectful, and friendly person.
  • You must have good knowledge about Roblox Studio, Blender (if you are modeler) and etc…
  • You must be experienced (at least 1 year of experience) in what you doing.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Daw588#4867. My proffered method is Discord. Please also be aware that I may be gone for up to week without any notice at anytime, so please understand.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Like always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! (btw, this is my first recruitment post)


Wow, what a post. Please put this in grammarly. Your contract has no actual hold on the participant of this absurd job, you can’t just say, "ohh you signed this your legally bind to me, it doesn’t work like that. Also you can’t pay the users 0R$ a week, that is absurd. Also this game will more then likely not do well considering that there are hundreds of games like this already, and no good builder or modeler will help you if you pay 0R$ a week, that doesn’t make sense, good luck with this game buddy.


Not to be rude, but having the right to fire without pay for things like not meeting requirements, or breaking roblox TOS is somewhat unfair. I get breaking TOS, but that’s the users fault. In the end of the day, they still put hours of work into assets and don’t get paid if you don’t believe they met requirements.

Also, contracts are not legally binding if you’re <18. (@ plethoa)


(3 0 C h a r a c t e r s)(3 0 C h a r a c t e r s)

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It obviously depends on what’s said on the contract itself as they all vary but all assets should be paid for even after firing.

Most people take advantage of developers by firing them when the builds are almost finished with the excuse:
‘Didn’t meet requirements’

That’s why you should only read and accept contracts if you’ve got a legal guardian (16 years of age) or if you’re 18. No less, that’s why people don’t take contracts seriously and this can get legal authorities involved even for a developing role on a platform like Roblox.

Don’t do contracts if you can’t accept the outcome of legal authority getting involved for breaking your own terms.


Sorry about that I took the word contract wrong, I updated it. I am new to hiring people so please understand that I may make mistakes.

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