[CLOSED] Builder for SCPF!

About Us

Hey there, my name is Alex! My partner and I are currently looking for a skilled builder to design part of our SCP Facility!

Our Little Team
@Jacob_Mix - Builder
@YOU - Builder

What we are looking for

No longer hiring! I was previously looking for a builder for some part of my SCPF.


We offer percentages of revenue (prefered), USD, or group funds (3 days to transfer)
Payment method and amount will be discussed when we are contacted.

Contact Us

  • Discord: alexx.#0001
  • DevForum

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Sure I will help build I don’t do it much anymore but I can. @Trimety#8551 but have you even started?

We are kind of struggling a bit. We have many ideas, but it is hard to make them come to life. Basically, we make something that looks really good, but then we feel we can do better and start over. That is why we are seeking a more skilled builder.

Hey, could you supply some more information on the payment values?

Mhm! Please contact me and we can talk all about that.

Do you have a base amount being payed?

Payment depends on how much the developer can do, and what their previous work looks like. If the dev being hired needs to negotiate prices, I am totally open to that. If you are interested and would like to discuss prices, please contact me!

You may want to check your discord.

I do not have any new messages. Maybe you added me? What is your user?

WSSIDev#7408 (30 chars requirement)

Interesting… I am a low poly builder and I am pretty good!
I’ll dm you when you reply

Sorry! We’re not really looking for low-poly. More of a semi-realistic.

Oh, okay. 30 charactersssssssss

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