[CLOSED!] - BUILDER | Hiring a partner!

Greetings developers,


Causality is a group that has been around for a few weeks.

I’m currently working on a “Survive the disasters”-ish game.
A lot of effort and time will be put into this project.
Your job as a builder is to create maps that will be chosen, as well as other possible buildings (ex. spawn).

Once the project starts to grow, a lot will change.
More games might spawn in the future, decent advertising of the game(s) will be implemented, and a LOT more.
This would just be the start of it, we’ll always look for opportunities that can change the way Roblox is played, such as implementing something no one has seen before.


@Xacima - Admin, Scripter
@You - Admin, Builder


  • Every transaction that’s made within Blademaster Studios will be shared in % (game passes, assets and so on).
    The percent will be decided once you’re accepted as a partner.


  • Discord: Inf#1337

A valid portfolio is required to be included in your message.
I will not reply if any information is missing.

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