[CLOSED] Builder Needed (75k+)

About Us
My team and I are looking for skilled professionals with 1-2+ years of Building Experience, the requirements & merits for our project are listed below.

About the Project
We’re looking for a developer to build us a detailed prison that should include:
➟ Cell Block
➟ Cell Overview Room
➟ Cafeteria
➟ 5+ Escape Routes
➟ A prison yard
➟ Maximum & Solitary Confinement Areas
➟ 2 types of officer spawns (Corrections & Response Team)
➟ High Command areas (Offices, High Command Spawns)
➟ Medical Facilities
➟ A small town outside the prison perimeter

Our requirements to be a builder for us are attached below, please read carefully.

• A detailed portfolio of more than 5 builds

• Experience in realism minimalistic builds

• 13+ years of age

Payment for the build can be neogotiated based on work style & quality, but, the payment will range from 75k-100k for the build itself.

Contact us
Please contact myself on discord by alêx.#0001


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