[CLOSED] Builder needed ASAP


— Hey Guys! Im looking for a good builder that can make me 2 Medium sized maps. If you are interested then please contact me i would love to have you build for my group.

EDIT : They need to be Low-Polly maps.

[What is the game?]

– It is going to be a Christmas horror game, That involves rounds with a killer, with civilians. I need 2 maps to be made that are medium sized. [We can discuss further in discord]


– Im going to be paying you 25% of the games revenue and some of the revenue in our group funds [From clothing]. If the game does not work out the way it is intended too then you will be payed robux instead.


– You can either contact me on the developer forum or discord.

Discord :Hallow’sDev#6312 [If this does not work tell me below]

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

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Do the builds have to be low or high poly?

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They need to be Low-Polly, Cause i already made 1 map that looks Low-Polly. But i need a builder cause i don’t have time this week to make 2 more maps. Cause this game is coming out soon.

sorry one more question, does there have to be some mesh builds?

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It depends, I want the builder to work with whatever is best for him/ or her. :slight_smile:
This means the builder can choose.

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