[CLOSED!] Builder needed for a City project!

About Us

I run a roleplay group named Canada 1940’s and we are in need of a city based on Ottawa. We’ve been open since February 2018 and have made some great progress.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to begin work on the city as soon as possible. This is a one-man job and will require some time and effort. This is not full-time and can be worked on as small as one hour a day depending on your schedule and well-being

We are looking to allow 60 players in-game so care should be taken with optimization and use of unions and meshes. You will be working on train stations, city buildings, the main parliament building, apartments and much more.

Example places of the build style:


We are paying a total of R$50,000 through group funds for the build and we are offering a 5% of profits if you stay on to do small updates. The 5% is a small bonus for the completion of the build and is not necessary to take if you do not wish to do so.

Small updates include small fixes and seasonal updating

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at SovereignFrost#0001
I look forward to speaking with you! :slight_smile:


50k sounds somewhat reasonable, but the 5% revenue is extremely unfair. I’d make it atleast 30-40% if you’re trying to get someone on the team.

As I said, it’s a bonus. The 50k is for making the city and 5% is just for making the smallest fixes.
I’m not expecting someone to make a brand new city with that 5%, it’s for let’s say a new bench with christmas lights.

In that case 50k seems pretty low. I wouldn’t want to build an entire city for 50k and only 5% of the revenue. Make it either 50k and 30-40% or 100-150k+

If I could afford to pay that much, believe me I would. I’m happy with giving certain payouts afterwards if the developer wishes me to.

Canadian builder here,

I have been to ottawa and I would think I am well fit for this job and would be interested.

my discord is GOD#0841


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