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About Me
Greetings there! My name is TheMurdererKO. I’m a 13 years old builder on Roblox. I’m new to this Roblox Developer Forum so I want my name rises to the top of the community so I can get known with all big developers. I really want to go to RDC but I’m a newbie here so that’s why I created this post. More information below.

Nothing… yeah, I mean it! I’ll do it for free since I only want to create a bond with the community so I don’t care about the payment at all! If you’re so light-hearted and want to pay me, I don’t care about how much you give me but I’ll only accept Robux since I don’t have PayPal. If you want to, I’ll appreciate that.

During weekdays: 5-9 hours
During weekends: 12-16 hours
Note: If I’m offline, that’s mean I’m busy or I’ve gone for the vacation. Don’t worry I’ll inform you if I’m gone.

Even though my builds are looking a little bit off, I’ll try to keep the best of the best. Since I’ve forgotten my old account’s password, all my projects are gone but don’t worry, I got you some pictures on this year’s builds:

Twitter- @TengkuNazran
Discord- TheMurdererKO#1599
Thanks for visiting my not-so-portfolio!!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It would probably be a good idea to expand on your portfolio, we got three examples of your work shown in different angles. Not to mention that they’re all related to tycoons.


I know but there’re two people already hiring me! I’ll update my portfolio when I’ve done working with them.

Wow this is amazing work, may I ask do you use blender at all?

Very kind of you to work for free, really warmed my heart up, most care about the money. :orange_heart:

No, I’m still learning blender.

Great attention to detail + quite unique designs. Impressed ^^

I would also like to know what else you could build such as structures, armour etc. unless you specialise in tycoon type of builds.

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As I’m working on right now, I have to do commissions for Sci-Fi tycoon and border-based game.
I’ll update my portfolio when I’m done with these guys.
You can see more of my builds on my Twitter!