[CLOSED] Builder Portfolio

Closed due to too many commission requests; will be reopened in a few weeks!


Hi you have some really nice builds but you posted this in the wrong category. This should be place in the #collaboration:portfolios

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Oop, alrighty. Thank you for informing me!

No problem I just don’t want you post to be taken down by moderators. You have amazing building skills.

I’m interested! My discord is Fizz#2569

You did a good job! You are definitely going to get hired by somebody. I wish you luck.

Agreed the builds are quite nice!

Oh! I’ll add you in a second, thank you for this opportunity.

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hey, i know technically this hasnt even been posted on the portfolio page yet, but do you think you could join our team as a builder? discord is UNITED_Lacker#4037

Sure, I’ll add you right away!

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thanks mate, you are a very tallented builder

See! I told you that you would be hired quickly! :slight_smile:

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Lol i saw the post and i knew i had to try to hire her fast bfor the other people got the chance

The builds look incredible, and I will be sure to contact you if I need a homestore in the future!

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