[CLOSED] Builder Required for Open World Post-Apocalyptic Game

About Me

Hi there! I’m looking for a new primary builder to help out with the building work on my Accelerator project. You may have heard of my game Speed Race, and this project is a significant departure from what I usually make.

About The Game

The game itself is a base defence game set in a open (post-apocalyptic) world, somewhat similar to the world of Apocalypse Rising (but this map will be considerably smaller)
You scavenge for materials, upgrade your base, defend your base (and the ‘power core’ contained within) from zombie attacks and other players. The primary goal is to survive and not let your power supply run out.

About The Job

I’m looking for a builder who is capable of building a fairly large open world map, probably with triangle terrain or smooth terrain. The builder should also be capable of creating several models for use around the base (walls, turrets, random prop models) as well as several buildings in an apocalypse style.

Most of the work that has already been completed can be viewed here. Any further building should be of a similar, simple but realistic style.

Must Haves:

  • Be able to work several hours a day, ~10 hours a week
  • Be prompt in completing tasks assigned on Trello
  • Be quick in replying to discord messages
  • Passion for the project
  • Good with smooth terrain or triangle terrain

Nice To Haves:

  • Experience with 3D modelling
  • A strong portfolio of past work
  • Knowledge of the constraints of building large maps in Roblox (i.e performance implications and how to avoid them)

The project will require several hours of work a day until the end of August, when my accelerator project ends.


Payment is R$250,000 or $875, payable at the completion of the project. For continuing work after the end of my accelerator program, a % cut of profits can be negotiated.

How to apply

Applicants should message me here on Discord @MasterDaniel#0034.
Please send a portfolio of your work, and be prepared to complete a small building ‘challenge’ in order to check our your skills in this style.

Don’t hesitate to send me a message and good luck! :grinning:


Good Game!!!

-2 Blox


Recommend @Jazzyx3


I’ve loosened the requirement for any builder to be good with triangle terrain - anyone who is good at working with smooth terrain should apply too! :grinning:


Hey I’m Lance I added you on discord I wanted to talk to you about your post apoc game

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