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About Me

Hello there,

I’m a 16-year-old American Builder. I’ve been building on Roblox since Early 2020, taking commissions since 2021. I have a vast skill range which includes building, 3D modelling, Discord server creating, and graphics.
I have accumulated over 500 visits to games that I’ve worked on.

I really enjoy what I currently do. I love thinking outside of the box. I’ve developed my creative side since I was really young. Most times I prefer to work alone, but I do not mind collaborating with other artists.

I can work with a lot of different styles on request. But, I am most experienced with the cartoony/low poly style. I have experience with smooth terrain and a little bit of experience with texture painting.

If you wish to see some of my builds in-game, please contact me.

I always ensure that all of my builds are optimized. I always have optimization in mind when building as the majority of Roblox players play on low-end devices. All of my builds are organized into folders, models, and of the sort for easy editing.

Payment & Availability

I am available for around 1/2-3 hours on weekdays, up to 2-8 hours on weekends.
I have excellent time management skills, and I’ll try my best to meet your deadline if it’s reasonable.

For smaller commissions - payment can be only made via PayPal.
For larger commissions - payment can be made via Robux or PayPal
My prices change on the size/style of the map and how long it will take to complete.
If you would like to use PayPal my rates will be discussed in DMs


You can contact me via Discord - Luqimaybe#0011

Feel free to drop a DM if you’re interested, or need a quote.

Thanks for reading!

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He is an amazing builder. And he’s technically my co-worker because sometimes we partner to make projects. We both usually build and then I script everything. His builds are AMAZING! Would recommend :slight_smile: .

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Your tag doesn’t work, could you add me? My Discord is eric.#0001.

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If my discord tag doesn’t work you can always message me on here.

(I do not take commissions under 7k.)