[CLOSED] Calling All Scripters

Hi there! I own a team called Sunny Games Development! We are making a game called Lumber Simulator, the builder will start working on it very soon. We need a scripter to script some of the uis and games.

What we need:

Trees fall down when you hit it 1-30 times.
Sell - When you get on the “sell” portal it sells your wood in return for money.
Shop - When you stand on the “shop” portal it brings you a ui with categories such as, axes, backpacks, etc.
We need the UI’s scripted.

We are paying percentages of the game. We are offering up to 10-20%. This game will be successful because we plan on talking to youtubers and we are about to have an investor to invest 50-100k on ads. Kreek, Russo, and Myusernamesthis will hopefully be playing this game!

You can add me on Discord. My username is: Alpha#3000


I am interested!
Contact me on Discord : ItsChoco#0902

I can do some but not all of the things asked and idk if you are hiring only 1 scripter


Your are going to invest that much robux in this project but is paying in percentage only? I suggest you add a backup payment or people might not want to work for you.

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