[CLOSED] Car Modeler for Hire

Haiyoo, My name is darrenjuanda, I’m 16 years old and i make cool cars in blender.
I have 2 Years Experience in blender, i mostly worked on Roblox Platform.

Here are some of my Example Works:

I am looking for full-time work at the moment, but since school is coming closer i can’t be active.

*Low Detailed = 250 RBX
*Mid Detailed = 500 RBX
*High Detailed = 1000RBX

My Contacts: idonthavegoodrathername@gmail.com (Yes i am serious)

Thank you for having your time, and see ya man.


Hey mate you got the dates mixed up it isn’t april fools. Jokes aside, your prices are HEAVILY low for this level of quality, I would be charging 10-100,000 robux for this quality not 250-1k. I will 100% be contacting you if I ever need some good looking cars


Thanks for the tips, me and the Car Community of Roblox are happy to see our worth.

HEya I would love to get some of these cars my discord A1.2trappy#4996