[CLOSED] Cart and Smooth Rail System! (only needs built) (R$2,810)

Hello, I’m am making a game involving rail carts, but not just any rail carts. The rail carts for my game follow a trail so there are no glitches and falling off rails and things like that… it works perfectly!

Only one problem, I CAN’T BUILD. I need someone who can create a cart that looks very similar to the one in the link below, as well SMOOTH rails as shown below. And when I say smooth rails I mean the curves left and right need to be smooth and the up and downs need to be smooth as well. I need a model of each (left, right, up down, and straight) so that I can put them together.

The link: [https://giant.gfycat.com/VengefulActiveAiredale.webm]

This isn’t a very big job, but it is so very important that they work and look good in my game, that I am willing to pay very generously for this task. I have 2,810 group funds currently and I think that is a generous amount for this task.

If interested, please contact me on discord: Centvy#7400 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Would you like it to be done directly in roblox or can you do a modeling sofwart

If it is, I send you a request for discord

I can do this, if you still need it. Contact me here on the devforum.

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