[CLOSED] Casilo Hotels | GFX Artist Designer


Greetings. If you were already unsure, Casilo Hotels is currently hiring GFX designers. We currently need designers for our upcoming game thumbnails and icons. All help is appreciated, if you are able and think you fit the job continue reading. If you don’t, you should click off.


Casilo Hotels is a new upcoming hotel to the Roblox platform. As we already start our group we need some contributors to help us with Graphic designs.


As our head graphic designer, you’ll have to have your commissions open and be able to work whenever told to, whenever you are told to make a graphic we expect you to work on it as the time we’ve told you to. You’ll also have to respect everyone on the current development team and follow any directions given to you by the Founders.


  • You MUST show us past graphics you’ve made (or) a portfolio you have.
  • You must have experience with graphics, (Minimum of 3+ months).
  • Must abide with all rules and information given to you.
  • Must have a clean past with Casilo, founders and Roblox.


The current development team includes -

@Convaryz - Builder & Modeler.
@ezotixvibez - Builder.


Payment will be discussed in DMs and is negotiable. Depending on what you make for us will determine how much you get.


Okay. I’m on hook, how do I apply?
Well, to apply you can either message me here on the devforum OR message me on discord; exoticc#1000.


Thank you for taking time out to read this whether you apply or not, we appreciate your offer to help Casilo. I applaud you if you read all this, give yourself a pat on the back!

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