[CLOSED!] Cenosity's Portfolio | Builder & Terrain Designer

About Me

I’m Cenosity and I am a Terrain Designer, and Builder. My biggest strengths I believe are behind my terrain design, and my building falls not too far behind it. I’ve been building on Roblox for a few years now, and Smooth Terrain has been a focus primarily in the past year or so. I have created this portfolio for you to use as a reference when looking into me for commissioning, or potentially even hiring me onto your development team. If you’d like to know more about me, don’t hesitate to contact me privateley!

Contact Information

A lot of my terrain work has been within City Development, or landscapes! I am fortunate to be able to design a wide-variety of terrain structures, so be sure to message me with precise details!

Terrain Showcase

I have completed a lot of building commissions, and a lot of this work has been done on my own, so I do not have all of my building in screenshots!

Development Showcase


I am available 15+ hours during a work-week, Monday-Friday. I do have a job outside of Roblox, and will be able to put 15-20 hours outside of that into developing on Roblox. I have been able to manage this schedule, so I am putting these numbers out here knowing what I can, and cannot handle.

I am unavailable on weekends, as I typically am working. If I am not scheduled to work on certain weekends, I will make it aware to those of you who I am developing for at the time.

Payments - Paypal & Robux!

I currently offer payments to be arranged through my development processes. I do not have a set pay-rate for my building, as I have not done enough of it to make a pay-scale, but arrangements can be made from commission to commission. I will try to balance all of my prices as fair as possible, and be considerate to what you have to work with.


I will be posting my map layouts in “size” below for those of you who are curious as to what each map-size//price entails.

Small Map - $50-$100

Medium Map - $100-$175

Large Map - $175-$200+ (Depends on ACTUAL Stud Size + Hours of Work)