[CLOSED] Cheap Builder for Hire

About Me

I am a builder, and I pay particular attention to homestores as that is my only experience at the moment. I’ve built homestores before, but they were not the best except for my most recent one which can be seen below. I’ve been building for years, just not consistently, so I know how Studio works. I also work with two other designers who help me design the exterior and interior of my homestores to make them look a tad more aesthetically pleasing. :slight_smile:


Here is my most recent homestore: $wag Homestore - Roblox


Currently unavailable.


Because I do not have much to show you, I will be charging inexpensively.
Very small build
0-100 clothes: 800-1000 R$
Small build
100-200 clothes: 1800-2000 R$
Medium build
200-400 clothes: 2500-3000 R$
Large build
400-600 clothes: 4500-5000 R$

If you have more than 600 clothes, I unfortunately cannot build for you just yet. :sweat_smile:

I prefer being paid through group funds. And, if you were wondering, of course my designers will be paid (we will simply split the payment).


If interested, please join my Discord server (.gg/JFz8cBg) and ask for Shay or ping @shay.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I don’t mean to accuse, but did you steal this or are you working with others? I’m pretty sure I saw this build a couple of days ago in feedback. I could b wrong though

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Oh I made a feedback about this! I’m the one who posted the feedback on it. :slight_smile:

Ahh I see I was quite confused there lol. Your work is nice!

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Thank you! I updated it a little bit according to the others’ feedback. :sweat_smile:

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Hello! I can work with that! My discord is Zhino#6166.

I Am Interested! Idk if you are still available! Unfortunately, I don’t know if I should hire you are another guy! Both of your works are impressive! His is more cheap however, as I don’t have enough to pay for yours… Your prices are reasonable, I just need to earn some more from selling some clothes.

@azhtra I am interested in you designing clothing for me i need 100 piece of clothing. More details will be given if you add me on discord XxMissSporty877241xX#2271