[CLOSED] Clothing Designer needed for Valley Community High School

Greetings! Valley Community High School is an urban school group that serves as one of the largest public high school groups with over 50,000+ members! We aim to provide all students with an empowering learning experience. Students can discover and form brand new friendships, find new activities to do, and learn from their staff. Our staff and executives strive every day to make VCHS a better place for our community. We operate as a real-life-based high school with the days/hours; Monday through Friday from 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We seek clothing designers who are willing to join our team and work with us on our ongoing development to design new clothing content for our community.

About The Job
We are currently seeking one experienced clothing designer for our school group specializing in male and female clothing. They would need to create 2+ pieces per week that fit the school’s code of conduct in this position. The clothing we are currently looking for in particular is school polos, uniforms, sweaters/sweatshirts, and pants/sweatpants. Here you will be able to show off your work to the ROBLOX community as well as on the group store and in-game’s school store. All designers will be rightfully credited for their work.

The payment will be discussed in more detail once I’ve seen your portfolio. I’m always open to negotiation and I am considering paying a set amount after the work is completed.

Contact Us
You may always contact us by using the DevForum or Discord. Please see our contact information down below.

@moslugs, Chairman

@vuisoI, President

@br9ndxn, Executive Vice President

Thank you for reading and your interest. We hope to be working with you soon!



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