(CLOSED) Clothing Designers


Hello there! I’m the owner of Azus Studios,an upcoming clothing group. We are planning to have this group as an open source clothing group. Which means that all clothing is made by other designers and artists.

Job Details

We are looking for a shirts/pants designer to make clothes for our group,here’s how it works.

First,start designing and making the shirts/pants.

Then,head to our discord server and message me your clothing design there.

Finally,if your item is accepted,we take the template image and we will be paying you a ONE time 100 Robux giftcard code. (If in mind we don’t accept all clothing sets)


We prefer either modern / classic / sci-fi. The item needs to be a set. This includes the shirts and the pants.


1.No stealing assets,we don’t accept stolen or copy and paste clothing items.

2.Try to avoid copyright,we don’t want to deal with copyright issues.

3.No inappropriate content,don’t make any inappropriate clothing items.

4.Must follow Roblox TOS.

#Questioning And Others
You can ask questions on our discord server on the questions channel for further details.
Or reply here,works as well.

Thanks for taking your time!

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