[Closed] Clothing, gfx and drawing

About Me

Hi, i’ve been doing clothing on Roblox since 2017,GFX since 2015, and drawing for a longer while.

You can view my clothing here: fluffy_nibble's Clothing - Roblox , BloxByte Games - Roblox or check my twitter for a mix of clothing and drawings https://twitter.com/fluffy_nibble

Style 1 Drawing

Style 2 Drawing

Clothing examples


GFX examples

I’m available everyday, unless something comes up (GMT/BST)

Prices are negotiable due to how complex what you would like is, I accept robux and money via paypal.

Drawing Style 1

Headshot - 5K
Bust - 7K
Thigh - 10K
Full - 13K

Drawing Style 2

Headshot - 1K
Bust - 2K
Thigh - 3.5K
Full - 4K


Pants - 3K
Shirt - 3K
Set - 5K
+1K if you wish to sell the clothing


Starting price is 3K

Please read
I do not have to accept your request.

Please credit me where credit is due.

Do not upload recolours of clothes without asking first, additional payment may be needed, especially if they’re put on sale.

I will not do nsfw or anything I feel uncomfortable doing, please ask me if you’re not sure on this.

I will do more than roblox avatars as long as reference is provided.

Full payment will be when you’re happy with the sketch, render or clothing outlines.

Please let me know of deadlines or anything else of importance when you ask to commission me, if you forget and it goes over your deadline, I am not responsible.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or for a faster reply via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/fluffy_nibble or discord for the fastest reply: Sophie#7500

Thanks for reading! <3


Vouch, I’ve known and worked with Fluffy_Nibble for over a year and she’s always been professional and eager to please.

Highly recommend.


I can vouch for Sophie. She’s a very talented individual whom always acts in a professional manner and produces high quality work.

Go buy her stuff!!