[CLOSED] Combat system scripter specialist

About The Job

I’m looking for someone to design a Combat System with these features:

  • CFrame Tools on character when unequipped (serversided so its visible to everyone.)
  • Adjust third person camera when equipped
  • Hold Blocking, parry and attack combos
  • Dynamic camera moving for each class + sounds (Greatsword camera is slow, heavier and more impactful then a bow for example).
  • Bow, Magic staff, Dual Swords, Sword and Shield and MasterSword class
  • Animations

I already have one weapon that has parry, attack combos, toggled third person camera and CFrame tools in unequipped so that should be a good place to start but it has a few bugs that need fixing.

The biggest issue I have currently is I use a third person module that for some reason breaks the camera if the player dies with the weapon equipped. Also the Cframe isn’t visible to players because it’s not serversided. Lastly, I have a local roll/dash script in the character that is enabled when the player equips the weapon, I have it so when the weapon is equipped jump strength is set to 0 and the roll is activated from spacebar instead. The only problem is for some reason in some cases the “streak lines” stay on the character and drop framerate. You’ll have to see what I mean you I send you the weapon. I’d rather the “streak lines” be removed entirely from the dash script.

Besides that you’d need to create an entirely new system for ranged weapons and creating a blocking system for each of the melee weapons. Currently the weapon activates a “blocking” animation in place for the parry system to make use for the shield. I’d like to have a separate blocking system from the parry system as “parry” just stuns the opponent rather then shields the player from damaging hits or incoming projectiles.


You will be payed in USD or Robux depending on which you prefer.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum

Hope we can do business!

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