[CLOSED] Commission | 3D Modeled Utility Cart & Stair Cart

Commission Details

Hi there! I’m looking to commission a skilled modeler to create a utility cart and a stair cart. I have provided reference images through the two links below and will certainly provide specifications upon contact. I hope to receive fairly realistic models and appropriate textures. These models will be for an upcoming project I have recently begun developing, but I would prefer to keep the details of this project private for the time being.

Reference Images

Utility Cart (right side)

Stair Cart


I’m more than willing to pay approximately 100 - 250 per model, but negotiations for higher fees will be strictly based on the quality of the work produced and my experience conducting business with you. If I ultimately find your work suitable for my project, then I may certainly return to you for future commissions.

Contact Information

You can contact me here on the forum where I will provide additional contact details for reaching out to me through Discord.

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