[CLOSED] Commission: Requesting scripter to remake a radio tool

Hello I am looking for a scripter familiar with messaging systems, filtering. and some gui scripting (only basic like .Visible). I had made an earlier request regarding the same radio, however it was evident that my radio is not optimal (it uses 2 scripts to display msgs and 2 to update, not to mention not filtering of chat messages) but the guy who was supposed to help ghosted me so I’m making a commission here.

Make a Radio Tool that has similar functionalities to my radio (which will be given to you via rbx file), details of this will be explained upon contact.

Radio tool must adhere to similar functionalities like playing a sound, limiting amount of characters in a message, or preventing spam (all of which are already coded in my original radio)

Radio tool must be revamped where displaying messages requires only one local script (or equivalent) same with updating the radio channel itself (explained in dms)

Upon successful completion and demonstration/playtesting of the product you will be given Robux. Minimum of 2k. Can increase depending on quality of your code. Experience with making chat/msging systems are a must

payment is negotiable

Preferred contact via Discord:

I’ll be asleep by the time of posting this. I am in the CST timezone.

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