[CLOSED] Commissioning 1 clothing designer for a personal outfit

About The Job

I’m looking for someone who can create me an outfit (shirt + pants) with the hat called "Timeless Top Hat"s texture.


I want it to be like a tux.


As far as I can see, a lot of clothing designers have a lot of requirements that I wouldn’t agree on. So here’s mines:

  • If I buy this asset it means it’s mine and you can’t use it for your commissions or you can’t claim that it’s yours. I have the right of selling this completely. I’ve seen some clothing designers still claiming that its their asset while also getting paid for it, if you are one of these you are not eligible.
  • I won’t pay for a design I don’t like. Create short previews of your design before completing it fully so I can give a feedback from start. With this way, nobody will waste their time.
  • I won’t pay first if you aren’t from a known group or if you don’t have a lot of replies in your portfolio.
  • Don’t block me from Discord if you can’t do the commission. Some people did this before and I just want to say that it’s extremely rude.


I’ll pay up to 2K robux for both of them in total (1K per piece). I’ll pay with buying one of your assets and 30% tax is of course, covered by me.

Contact Me

Contact me via DevForum or Discord (. . . .#8611).

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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