[CLOSED] Commissioning Realistic Map Developer (Environment Designer / Builder)

La Commune de France


About Us

Hello! We are an alternate-history France taking place during the Late Victorian Era, specifically around the time of the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871). We are right now in very early development and are seeking a map developer to work with us on designing and releasing our first map.

If you are interested in our progress and would like to check us out, we can be found here at: Commune de Frаnce - Roblox

About The Job

We are currently looking to hire, preferably an all-around map developer who can handle terrain/environment design and building of structures around the map. Again although this is preferred, it is not required. If necessary we can hire an environment designer and builder separately. The job will require a realistic style for both the environment and structural design, and will be for a map of fairly large size that will allow for the following:

  • A snowy and dreary map taking place in Eastern France combining lush winter forests and plains.
  • A small town that has been repurposed into a garrison and training site.
  • Various smaller villages, farms, and estates populating the map that some of which will act as capture points and spawn locations.
Painted Examples of the look and feel of what we're shooting for.


Ideally I would love for the map to be completed within a months time, but due to the possible size of the project I am completely understandable of and patient towards delays.


Payment will be agreed upon before the beginning of work and delivered as 50% up front, %50 percent upon delivery of screenshots of finished work. Then the trade will be accomplished. Payment is to be in the form of USD either through paypal or cashapp.

Thank you for your time!

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