[CLOSED] Competent Programmer

About Me

I'm Steven, I'm an experienced developer in multiple programming languages. I've been studying Computer Science for about 5 years now and have been programming since before that. I have 10 certifications from Microsoft (5 of them, however, are for the office apps like Excel, Word and PowerPoint, which are irrelevant). 5 of my certifications are specifically Computer Science/Programming related.

I have certifications in Software Development Fundamentals (including OOP), C-Sharp, Java, Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS, if you wish to see these certificates and validate my claims, I can send you them in a private chat. The only reason I add these is because I have very few samples of work for Roblox specific applications, but I want to show that I know my way around. I'm also very experienced in Node.js and writing discord bots and server-side applications/databases (mongodb and sql).

I've had this Roblox account since late 2010, in that time, I've played a lot of games. However, due to a slew of changes to the platform and my life, around late 2017, I had completely quit playing. Recently, though, I had something spark in me again. I wanted to create something, Roblox is actually a great place for this, which is why I came back.

I realize a lot has changed with how scripting is done. Specifically, client/server connections and events are handled very differently than I remember. However, I am a quick learner and can fully comprehend documentation to create a variety of scripts. If you're interested in seeing my GitHub, where I place my open source projects (none of which are written in lua, though), don't hesitate to ask and I can privately message you a link to it. I do have experience in lua, and do know it's capabilities and syntax. Along with ways to take an object-oriented approach to lua.


My schedule is usually pretty empty (after 3 PM EST) unless I have college tests to study for or papers I need to write. I'm typically just always available unless I'm working on other projects, or if someone hires me as a team member (see below).


Prices are negotiable. Robux or payment via PayPal works for me. The price will come down to complexity of the script, and time. I do not charge anything up front. Typically I will show you a video or test game where it's working, then accept payment, then give you the asset.

Important Information

What am I not?

I believe it's important for anyone to be completely informed before making any decision, so here's what I'm not:
  • I'm not a gfx designer. In fact, I'm pretty bad at it.
  • I'm not a great UI designer, but I can make decent drafts.
  • I'm not a good builder by any means.
  • I'm not a 3D modeler or world builder.

Types of hiring

There are two main ways of hiring me:
  • Commissions (price per asset). As I have projects, commissions would be backlogged to when I have free time.
  • Team member, could work on multiple games together with a full team (overall price per complexity of a game and time it takes to make. Would cost less at the time of making than commissioning every asset because I'd also want to collect a very small percentage (2-4%) of the Robux it makes over a fixed period of time that we agree on, but only once, unless you want to negotiate long term development).

Unfortunately, I don't have very many works on Roblox specifically, but as I said above, if you want to see my certifications or GitHub, just ask me!


You can contact me through the dev forums, or discord @ Steven4547466#1407. I can give you price estimates in whichever way you want to pay and time estimates if it's a commission.

Obviously, if someone hires me as a team member, they will get my priority and I won't join multiple teams, but I will still backlog commissions that I can work on in my free time.


Sent you a friend request on discord to discuss this further!


hey man, i could really use a scripter with your background, i added your discord. iā€™m aventador#5649