[CLOSED] Constraint Fixes (25,000 Robux)

What We Are Looking For

  • Fluent with constraints
  • Past experience/credibility, preferably through a portfolio

The Job

Our game, Driving Empire, has been experiencing major chassis issues involving constraints breaking at high speeds and on impact. We are looking for somebody highly knowledgeable and experienced with constraints that can help debug and solve our issue (I’ve spent weeks playing with weights and other properties).

We are expecting the fix to take at most a few days to a week to be fully complete. Currently we are uncertain of the extent of the issue, it could be a few properties to the constraints themselves.

Example of constraints

Current Team

@Bourgist - Owner & constraint noob
@Hacreey - Programmer, also a constraint noob


Payment will be 25,000 Robux as soon as the issue is fixed, we are also hoping this will be enough to provide any additional improvements if needed.

Contact Us

I will be most active on Discord (Hacreey#2186), but will still be looking over any responses here. Questions are more than welcome too!

Thanks for reading and/or considering!

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