[CLOSED] [~Cosmic Studios~] Hiring new developers

Hello, I’ve been a scripter on Roblox for 2-3 years and decided to make a studio. I am looking for less experienced developers to come together to create games. I created a studio, ~Cosmic Studios~, and I am recruiting developers so they can learn how to work together and create a game. Our goal is to become a big studio with popular games.


All developers have to start somewhere, so I want to band together a group of developers to create amazing games. This is a great opportunity for less experienced or new developers to grow their portfolio or skills.

What games will we create?

We can all decide on games together, however I want to make some type of RPG or adventure game.

Why is there no payment?

We are starting out small so we cannot pay until we get revenue from games. Revenues will be split upon developers with percentages. Percentages can be discussed later.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for several developers. Here is a list of needed developers:

  • Scripter - Found
  • Builder - Not Found
  • Animator - Found
  • Gui Designer - Found
  • Testers (Will not get paid, only get special items and perks in-game)

Like I said earlier in the post, I am not looking for very experienced developers, I want to give new developers an opportunity. If you are interested, add me on discord at MadNinja#8521 where we can discuss more. Thanks for your time.


How much percentage do you get and what do you do?

Percentages depends on job and how much gets done. The job will be based off of what game we decide to make.

I meant what do you do in the game making process/

We first come up with game idea. Then, we script main mechanics, test builds, and gui. After that we continue scripting, building, and designing until it feels and performs well. I dont know if that answers your question?

No, not really. My question is are you a builder, scripter, or something else?

Oh. Im a scripter, I’ve been scripting for 2-3 years.

He stated he’s a scripter within the first sentence.

No harsh feelings :smile:

I’m interested to join, I am a UI designer and a Builder(I do not script my UI’s).

I sent you a friend request on discord (Pixel#0005 is my tag).

I didnt receive your request but ill send you one.

Seems interesting. Are you guys by any chance looking for investors to help with upcoming and or future projects?? :thinking:


Yeah of course. You can add me on discord if you want to discuss.

For sure man, my Discord is Steel#6195.

I’d like to try animating for your game. But how do I contact you? (I don’t have discord or a mic)

We can message over roblox for now, but it would be better if you could get discord.

Hey, I’ve been building for around 3 and a half years, it would be amazing if we could work together.

Feel free to message me on Discord: Andre.#1000

I’m of course not the world’s best builder, but I have my ways on being able to create anything you’d ask for.

We can discuss more about this on Discord.

Thank you.

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