[CLOSED] Crushed Cafe is looking for Head Developers! [PAID POSITION]

Crushed Cafe is looking for Head Developers!

GROUP LINK: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5263347/Crushed-Cafe-Group#!/about Make sure to join it for your chance!

Crushed Cafe is currently looking for users to fill the position of Head Developer.

The Job

Our Head Developers are expected to supervise and run our development team, ensuring that the developers are getting the job done in an appropriate amount of time as well as leading our games.


Our preferred payment method is through group funds. Our top developers earn 35% of our revenue and developers earn 15% of our revenue.

Get in Touch / Contact

If you are interested in this position, you can message through the following social platforms:

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/realTiernanC

Or Discord: Tiernan#6354

Please note it may take up to 48 hours for me to reply.

Job Requirements

You must:

  • Be 13 years of age or older to apply
  • Be mature and appropriate
  • Be able to get the job done in an appropriate amount of time
  • Have good social skills - you will be connecting with other Developers of Crushed Cafe through Discord
  • Have a good attitude
  • And be able to utilize good spelling / punctuation

On behalf of the Senior High Rank Team, we thank you for taking your time to read this.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Hey, i’m interested. Contact me on discord: Skylexion#1457


it says your not accepting friend requests, try to add me.


Refer to above for myself as well.

Discord: ADLHoratioNelson#5748


Greetings. I’m interested in this position, however, I’d like to discuss about certain things. So, to discuss this I’d like to speak on Discord. Since I can’t seem to add you. would you mind adding me?.. DsGamer123#2293


Hey Developers,

Thank you for your patience as I turn on my Discord friend requests. Also, I added the group link into the post.

Founder of Crushed Cafe


@R0BL0XIAN_D3M0 @Skylexion @jacobthedragon4ever @CaptLincoln

Sorry for the mentions. I have turned on Discord friend requests and will be adding each person here that replied with their user and tag. Thanks!


I’m interested, please DM on Discord - Adamm#5851.



Sent a request. Please Direct Message me on Discord as soon as possible.


Is payment monthly? Does Top Developers also develop or are just managers of your game? How can we know your game will be successful?


Im interested, look to your Twitter messages :happy2:


xABK_Army#6958 im interested :happy2:


Administrat0r_J#7062 , leave a DM on Discord.

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Sent a friend request, I’m hi there#6666.


Hey everyone!

Thank you all for your interest in becoming a Head Developer of our community.

I am currently on a long-term vacation and will not be able to respond to you on Discord and Twitter,

I would really appreciate if you could join our Discord server through our group social links and ping our new owner, barttheguard. Once you have pinged him, please DM him the following answers to these questions:

  • Why do you want to become a Head Developer?
  • What assets will you create for our group?
  • Please link us to your resume.
  • Please send screenshots of past work.
  • Have you been a Head Developer in a group like this?
  • How do we know we can trust you?

Thank you all so much,

Hey there,

Our developers are paid out monthly. If you help us with this group, it will become successful. Also, our top developers are managers of the games and do develop for the game as well.


What makes your cafe stand out? Do you have funding to advertise and gain exposure? What do developers get if the game fails… nothing?

xABK_Army#6958 DM me :happy2: :happy2:

If the game fails and I have not given them their final paycheck, I will buy a ROBLOX gift card and then buy a group gampass, then payout the developer (s).


I’m very interested, DM me on discord @approval#8753 also here is my portfolio