[Closed] Crygen Portfolios - "Maps Builder" "Scripter" "Basic Ui Designer"

About me

  • I am Crygen, 20 years old, a french developer with 1.5 years of experience in roblox games developement.
  • I’m a good builder for simulator maps, mainly on cartoon and fantasy style (I’m not a modeler, only builder and level designer.)
  • I’m a good scripter, working with script, local scripts and module scripts. I can script everything related to simulator, tyccon, first and third person shooter and role play games.
  • I’m a good “basic” Ui designer, i can make good ui for any game style by only using the roblox studio ui system and free icon from “FlatIcon” Website.


Map Building:

Small island (2019)

Steampunk Cave (2019)

Huge grec Lobby (2020)

Island lobby (2020)

Wave Defense map (2021)

Chinese Deathmatch map (2021)

Character skin (2021)

Pets World (2021)


Basic ui - Pets World (2021)


All gun system(2020-2021)

Eggs opening, Pets inventory (2021)



  • Monday: 2h00pm - 6h30pm / 8h00pm - 00h00am
  • Tuesday: 2h00pm - 6h30pm / 8h00pm - 00h00am
  • Wednesday: Not working
  • Thursday: Not working
  • Friday: 2h00pm - 6h30pm / 8h00pm - 00h00am
  • Saturday: 1h30pm - 6h30pm / 8h00pm - 01h00am
  • Sunday: 1h30pm - 6h30pm / 8h00pm - 01h00am

Additionnal info:

  • I’m working between 5h - 10h per days, 5days per weeks.
  • I’m taking 15min - 20min of break every 2 hours of work.
  • I’m french so, my work days/time are scale with french hours.
  • I’m looking to do comission, i’m not searching a long term job.


  • I’m accepting only Paypal and Robux payment.
    Maps: 2.5k- 15k
    Scripts: 5k - 25k
    Ui: 1k - 10k
    Price are negociable and depends of the commission size.


  • You can dm me here in the dev-forum or add me on discord: Closed
    You must be 16 years old or more.

That last example in scripts/UI is really cool. I love it. also considering you have only one year of scripting experience but were able to create a functioning gun framework is amazing! Great job, that last example is really unique and you should continue work on it, i bet lots of people would love it.

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