[Closed] Customization chat tags and colours

I am looking for someone to create a customization chat module for my game. The module i’m looking for must include:

~An easy way for myself to give/take people ('s) tags
~A group ranking system tag
~Color editing capabilities

Basically, make it dummy proof for editing wise for my sake :stuck_out_tongue:

Im willing to pay up to 15k robux for this chat module. Please let me know either here or on discord at:


Price may be negotiable.
You are allowed to code yourself a tag, or you will be given a tag regardless for my games.

EDIT: Just kinda wrote this up but it’s kinda what I want it to look like:

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Added you on discord, hit me back!

wow, this payment is so much for that system, It could cost 1k.

Is this still open? If so, I would be interested!

To be clear you don’t want a system in which a player in-game can make themselves a tag right? Just something you can go into studio and add the tag?

There is an open source version by @Nicholas_Foreman here.


My chat module was made a while ago, before Roblox had built-in functions for chat tags. However, I do recommend it as it has what you need already.

I’m working on a new version that has the legacy version I made + a new version that uses Roblox’s built-in functions.

Plus it’s free, so… :man_shrugging:

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I still use your old one in my game. Works like a dream!