[Closed] | Dan_foodz, programing, UIs and building. (Free)

About Me:
Hello, I am Dan_foodz. I help making games for free. I like to help small dev get started with some free things I make for them.

I have been a dev for over a year. Mostly programing. I am also very good at UIs and building. I am starting to get into making images.

I have made a lot of things. I don’t just have one game. Its hard for me to fully comment to a idea. Heres some.

  • Screenshot 2021-05-14 190632
    Color-Changing Motorcycle, I just made this for fun… Asset

  • LoaderScript, Its just a loader script… Asset

  • Hack [Testing] Its like a simulator that you “hack” in. They are fake hacks, its just for fun. I stoped doing updates for it a long time ago. Game.

I have many more, you can find all my games and assets here.

I will help when I can, I am not paying anything, so I don’t have to do what you say, But I will try to help my best. I am also not suppost to be a long term option.

I pay nothing, But like I said from Availability; “I am also not suppost to be a long term option”.

You can message me via devforum messages and roblox messages, I DO NOT USE DISCORD. To talk inside of roblox studios, I will use Team Create.

Thanks for reading! :smiley:

Hey! I’m interested in a small homestore! Ill message you more on the dev forum

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I’m surprised. Not only is he a good builder, he went above and beyond from what i asked, and made a Intro for my game. I would definitely recommend Dan.

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Thank you for the rating me. The only thing is I posted this at the wrong time, so I may never get another request from another player, I am going to wait a day, if no one requests, then I am going to Close this one and open a new one.

closed, If anyone types here, I won’t be here to see it.

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