[CLOSED] Debugging/Programming

Hi guys! My name is Mikhael or FaithDoesntLie on ROBLOX. I currently have a very huge programming issue that I need resolved asap.

The game I have currently made and basically ready to go has a datastore issue plus I cant get my premium gamepass to function properly.

From my diagnosis, it seems after the Daily Reward function hits Day 2, the datastore is disabled. The premium game pass and most likely the 3X Zombie gamepass will not work as well.

To stress this, the game is already programmed. The gameplay and every other functions works perfectly fine. Just after day 2 of daily rewards, the data store fails and the daily reward function countdown disappears. The premium won’t work for some reason even though the code looks perfectly fine.

I need a highly skilled programmer to debug this code because I literally have 0 IQ when it comes to these issues. The current coder who helped make this is not able to be reached and therefore you guys are my last resort!

I do need to see portfolios or past work so please do contact me through discord: Truth#9536
Thank you!


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