[CLOSED] Decent Lobby [OPEN]


This is a decent lobby me and my brother (CourtCxse) made for our game and never ended up using it, so we are trying to get something out of our work. I’m also selling it because someone out there might want it.



Credits to @CourtCxse for some assets.


Starting bid is 500R$, bid closes if some bids 2,000R$+

Current Bid: 500R$


You can place you bid by either replying or messaging us at:

CourtCxse’s Discord: Epic#0437
cadjonathan’s Discord: cadjonathan#6146
cadjonathan’s Twitter: @Realcadjonathan

Bidding ends in 3 days.


The pictures are good, but the sunrays are a little too much, maybe turn them down a bit so we can have a better idea of what the lobby looks like?


holy- you really need to tone it down on the sunrays

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You’ll want to tone down the sun rays a lot. It’s hard to bid on something that you can’t see! Yes the buyer can turn these down after purchase, but you might struggle to get people to bid on something without being able to see it.

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I agree with you. I was considering buying this but the sun rays are too much! I can’t see anything other than a few bits of it.


This definitely doesn’t look terrible, although I can barely see anything in the screenshots due to the intensive sunrays. Definitely do tune them a tad bit down (just like everyone else here is saying).

From what I can see, the lighting itself is fairly bright (excluding the sun). I would personally make it less saturated, but you can keep it if that is what you are going for.

I would personally change the path to have more texture going for it, and definitely do avoid making perfect squares & lines when you are making a dirt path. It just looks flat and unrealistic. I would also make the ground slightly elevated, just so it isn’t so insanely flat. 3D grass would also make it look generally way better.

I wouldn’t say that this is worth 500R$, especially when some of the assets are not even made by you. Let alone 2000R$. I would say that you should consider what I’ve advised, and generally try to work on it as much as possible. Replace as many assets as you can with your own, and then it would definitely be worth your asking price.

Also, is it closed or open? Your title has both and my brain hurts.