[Closed] Deepest Apologies

Hello fellow developers, I’m hiring a few developers to help me with a realistic sushi bar build.

The Team
@Xf_dev - Head dev
@blank - Head dev
@le_dad- Exterior design
@blank - Interior design
@maindirectory- Scripter
@Aligami_Sanoru - UI
@ProbablyNobody - Modeler

Type of work I’m looking for
Not made by me

Payment will be going really well as I will be spending around 20 k on ads hence there will be lots of profit and percentages will be divided depending on work and effort put in

More information
All developers will have access to the main build besides the modeler and ui designer.

Estimated project fee
35 k robux


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Still looking for builder? If so, please contact me on discord: marky#0001

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I’d be interested as applying for interior designer? If you are still looking for builders, my discord is Emma240606#1801

Sent a request c;.
30 charrrrrrssssss

Are you MathGeek? Because that’s the only request I got

30 charrrrssssssssssssss

Hello there, if you are still hiring, I am interested. - MrDurpy#1250

sent a request on discord. Im Ja_xS

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