[CLOSED] Desiigners is now hiring!

About us

Welcome to Desiigners! We are a new group on the roblox community. We will have most types of clothes in our store. We hope we will soon be well known through the roblox community.

The Team

@HappyPlaceStyle - Founder
@HEXRD - Co-Founder/Game Engineering/UI Designer&Scripter
@You - Builder
@You - Designer

Job Description/Available Jobs

We are hiring Homestore Builders and designers.


We will pay developers and designers, around 200-300 depending on your activity and the way you act.

Get in contact

DM me on Discord NyghtMare#7947 for more information.


Intresed might dm you :smile:
(30 charrsssss)

Looking for any Graphic Artists?

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Yes, too (30 characters oooooo)

Are you paying 2-300 robux or USD?

Im not available atm. Contact the Founder: jaxon#1000

I’ll contact

as I see you said so to another

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Only robux. 30 30 30 30 30 30 30

They aren’t accepting friend requests on discord, please either tell me your tag or tell them to friend me at Msami#3783

Looking for a Logo Designer?, If u are then contact me on My discord (which is on my profile)

Thx for hiring me
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