[CLOSED] Developer for Hire

About Me

Hey! It’s me again, I’m going to do scripts/maps for Robux (one time thing)




Min: 5k R$
I accept any Robux, Devexable or not, I won’t cash out so it doesn’t matter.
Won’t work in Team Create and you must pay 25% before started so can avoid scams and waste of time.



Looked at Trustmeimrussian post for format reference


[Forgot to update Discord to Place_Reboot#0001]

Personally, I think you should only accept cash that’s Devexable, just in case if one day you decide to work on a game and get a large payout. The main reason being that sometimes, you can be prevented from Developer Exchange if you have illegitimate Roblox, at least I’ve heard anyways. However, I think that your minimum payment is somewhat reasonable. Your builds are good, but in the last three pictures, I feel that there are some extra details waiting to be desired.

Keep up the work, looks good! :+1:


If he earned the Robux by developing something and it isn’t shady Robux (stolen) then he can definitely DevEx it. It’s only illegitimate if he gets the Robux through means other than development and clothing.

I don’t ever plan on doing DevEx since
A. Don’t have Paypal
B. Wouldn’t DevEx rather sell the builds/scripts for USD

About the 3 last pictures, I simply wasn’t inspired enough, so I left it as that. [Edit: I mean the builds not the Robux ofc]

Not the Robux, the builds I’m sorry, forgot to specify that.
[EDIT: I don’t support or partake in any activity regarding to selling Robux/Limiteds, please stop dming me to say it’s against ToS, was simply stressed and forgot to specify that I would rather selling the builds not the Robux.]

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That’s what I mean, make sure who you’re dealing with doesn’t have a shady background.

How do you sell your builds for USD if you don’t have PayPal?

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That’s if I did have a paypal.

Oh okay, sorry. Very nice work by the way, that first picture is very well done.

I believe you can cash out even without PayPal. You just need an active Tipalti (DevEx portal) account to send the funds somewhere (different options and PayPal is just one).

Yeah, I have no interest in DevEx though

Just a heads up, you don’t need paypal to devEx. You are able to do wire transfers, direct deposits, mailed check, and paypal. When you first devEx, you’ll setup information for this via the devEx portal


I don’t like that other people are taking your message out of context; you’ve replied and clarified that you did not mean what you said. But you should edit your post and fix it.

Problem is that I already did edit and include that.

You should of edited it directly; not place an [EDIT] or similar below it.

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