[CLOSED] Difficulty Chart Obby R$+

About Us

Hello there, we are Starcap Games, an upcoming development group.
I’m hiring a full team for a simple difficulty chart obby.
I will NOT offer %, and only option will be Dev-Exable R$
Any clear hint of free models will result in an immediate termination.

About The Job

I am looking for the following types of developers:
-Interface Designer
Nothing else.


Builder: 100R$ per stage (200+ total stages, 20kR$+).
Scripter: 3kR$+ for the whole game scripted, including stages, special effects, extra aspects.
Interface: 3kR$ for project UI.
Must show portfolio upon contact. Please do not give any toxicity/hate if you’re not chosen for the job.
Images/custom portfolios that are not in the DevForum, or no sufficient examples will not be considered.

Contact Us

DevForum: Private DMs
Discord: SantaCopter#3943
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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