[Closed] Digital Artist For Gamepass and Developer Products

About Us

Hey, I’m Armo. I have been a user on Roblox for nearly 6 years now and recently I have started to work on a game called Catalog Simulator. We hope for this to become an entertaining game for Roblox players and hopefully we can leave a smile on their face.

A Taste of the Game

I haven’t 100% figured out this Simulator but I will try and explain. In this game, you will go around collecting coins and gems off the ground and players would have to use that to buy either limiteds or pets. We have also introduced a new pet known as a Mythic which players will have a very little chance of obtaining.

(Update) There is more to the game now such as ‘Dominos’ which are earned by players clicking the screen. More features will also be added such as backpacks, portals etc.

What I’m Looking For:

I’m looking for someone who can make appealing gamepass and developer product icons for my game (I will give you the names of each gamepass). Some examples of gamepass and developer products that I need are:

  • 2x Coins
  • 2x Speed
  • 2x Gems
  • 500 Gems, 2500 Gems etc…
  • 2x Luck
  • Auto Open Egg
  • Mythic Pet (I will provide the pet model)

These are just a few of the gamepasses I can think of from the top of my head.


We will negotiate a price in DM’s that we both think is fair.


You can contact me through Discord: Mani#3806

Thank you for reading :smiley:



It’s just one whole link, send it to my discord.

Im really interested #tea8384 looking forward to hearing from you

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