[closed] disownedplant | builder

note: unless you are paying USD and the project is small, this portfolio will be showcase only until late may of this year

hi, i’m disownedplant/nat! i started a roblox flower shop last march, and since then, i have been building. my group is called plant’s garden and has grown to over 3000 members. currently, i am a student journalist, writer, and a portrait artist. in my spare time, i read, play genshin impact, and work in indesign and photoshop. i’m aspiring to enter into communications or media law or human rights.

below are projects that i have been working on or have worked on for the past year.

plant's garden v1

plant's garden v2 (ongoing)

ramen shop (unfinished)

tiny apartment

architect's bedroom

this was a really early showcase and i HATE it but thats ok lol

unfinished projects

commission was supposed to be a beach cafe but buyer stopped responding to my DMs

i apologize if the images are low quality.

currently not taking any commissions unless it is small and paid in USD.

i am available to message at 5 A.M. to 6:45 A.M. CST and also from 5-11 P.M. CST on weekdays, not including wednesdays. on weekends + wednesdays, i am available during most of the day and sometimes night.

anywhere from 1-5k robux or 10-40 USD for small projects. expect 5k+ or 40+ USD for larger projects. i accept paypal, venmo, apply pay, cashapp, and gift cards. i will refuse any long-term projects.

if the deadline is tight, i will be requesting for more money.

my DMs are open at nat!#9654. if i fail to respond or if my tag changes, you can try my twitter @ disownedplant or messaging me directly either on roblox or devforum.