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About Us

Hello. We are a duo of WW2 group owners looking to create tech to be used by multiple others groups, including our own. We are both developers and have been on the platform for a while, with me having 4+ years of building experience.

The Team
@Industrialius - Owner, Builder, GFX, all UI elements
@maksymilianxp - Co-Owner, Builder, reference material

You can judge the quality of our project with these:

About The Job

You will be creating a capture point system (akin to games like Battlefield 1 and V) along with a few extra utilities, mainly pertaining to uniform and tool assigning. Those will also have elements locked behind group and group ranks.

We handle all the UI elements, and can provide clear reference material.

There is no real concrete deadline, and we’re in no rush, so we will have time to explain each step clearly. The project should preferably not take more than 3 weeks - 1 month however. Although the position is not long-term, we can offer it if you enjoy the project.

Although optional, knowledge of interest on WW2 would be appreciated. Having played Battlefield 1 or V would also help.

The capture system in our mind would look something like this:


We will pay 15 000 R$ for the main system (capture point w/ class selection) and 3 to 5 thousand for the few other utilities, depending on speed. We will also pay 3 000R$ as upfront.

The upfront is paid via shirt, which we will also cover the tax for. The remaining payment will be done via group funds (with proof that we have the money) after the 14 day cooldown is over.

Contact Us

We will communicate via Discord.

Cheers, and looking forward to working with you.

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