(Closed) Does anyone know how to make like a miners haven game?

Does any one know how to make a team only plot of land where you can have a shop gui and you click on an item to place it down and you pay if you place it down but if you don’t place it down it comes up with an error. If any one know how to do that or make like the gui shop thing let me know thanks!


Which part are you having trouble with? Right now you’re describing half of a game which makes it a little hard to help you out.

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this question is super broad, and is like asking “how can I go to mars”, which has a lot of solutions, and many steps.

if you have a question that is more specific and technical such as “how would I check if a player is in this plot of land” or something, that would help

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Chances are if you’re unaware of how to make GUI shops or code player-specific areas… you might want to start with a more simple game concept so you learn the basics instead of jumping right into something you don’t understand

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Oh oops sorry I’m still new to this hole forum. Thanks bro.

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Ok thanks Trust wait I know you you’re a dev. What did you make was it counter blox?

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I build maps for people lol, you can see them on my twitter since I shouldn’t spam this post with pics @trustmeimruski

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Ok thanks. :open_mouth: it’s buildtomas!!

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Oh my! Your builds look amazing! Can you teach me??

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It’s not easy to teach or learn, in my opinion. I would suggest trying out new things and learning your own style of building so you can do what you prefer.

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a broad question gets a broad answer

you can make a miners haven game with Roblox Studio


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