[CLOSED] Dojo Warriors is hiring a digital artist

Digiblox Studios is behind the new game “Dojo Warriors”, a simulator with high ambitions and new ideas which will make the simulator an all new experience simulator fans have never seen before.

Game progress

The job

You will be our digital artist making logos, (not gfx) in-game icons, gamepass artwork, and much more.

What we offer

  • A diverse, talented, and a hard working team

  • A professional work environment where everyone’s opinions matter

  • New opportunities to grow your own ideas and possibly add them into our game

What we expect of you

  • Be active and hard working

  • Be involved with our game and always don’t forget your opinion matters

  • Quality and custom artwork


Payment will likely be in percentage although this has not been fully decided, it will be all negotiated in discord long before any work has been started.

Contact us

You can either message me privately on the forums or message me via Discord at Zdarc#0001.

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Do you need UI designers?

We do not currently need a UI designer, sorry.

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